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Tax Refund: Down Payment or Selling Point

Posted on: January 18th, 2017 by Aimee Crossland No Comments

January 14, 2017

By: Michele Corral, Realtor®️


Tax Season is upon us. Where will you get a bigger bang for your buck when spending your tax dollars: Putting it toward a down payment on a new home or Sprucing up your current home to sell more quickly and for top dollar?


Investing Your Refund to Prepare for Sell

What do the homes that sell the fastest (under contract in less than two weeks) this time of year have in common?

~Fresh paint. Be sure to choose fresh, lightening colors. A soft, neutral grey is very popular among buyers and designers. If you choose the right shade, it can bring a feeling a warmth and brightness to your home, and can create a clean contrast between the trim, flooring or ceiling in your home that will appeal to the buyer and help those features stand out. (I love to use Sherwin Williams because they have high-quality paint and often have weekend discounts or coupons)

~Clean floors. Hardwood, new or freshly steamed carpet, or updated tile are the most popular features for buyers looking for a move-in ready home. I encourage my clients to consult a flooring expert about the cost, durability and look of a vinyl, engined, and hardwood floor to see which choice makes the most sense for your area and budget.

~Energy Efficient upgrades. Whether you decide to just upgrade the lighting to help your home photograph and seem nice and bright, or you take the opportunity to upgrade that finicky appliance, your investment will definitely appeal to buyers.


For More Information about the best option for investing your tax refund, continue reading.


Having the home of your dreams or even the home of your functional goals is all about you. Consulting professional advice from mortgage professionals, flooring or paint experts, or even a Realtor should always lead back to what is of most benefit to you. We are all here to provide you with a service to help achieve your goals!


For me personally, I find it FUN to compare similar recently sold properties and research the details of each sale to find out what are the most appealing features and create a marketing plan for my clients that will get their home sold quickly and for top dollar. Does that make me a ‘housing nerd’? Maybe. But it definitely helps me bring you fantastic service with a smile.


Michele Corral, Realtor®️

Crossland Real Estate


facebook: Michele Corral, Realtor   instagram: realtormicheleokc

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