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K. Renaud for LaNell White

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 by Aimee Crossland No Comments

“Hi Aimee,

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much my husband Matt and I truly appreciated all of the help that Crossland Real Estate, particularly LaNell White, provided us in our relocation move.

I reached out to Crossland in March when we decided to visit Oklahoma. We knew that Matt’s job was moving to Oklahoma, but none of us had ever been there. We wanted to get a feel for the area. I was hoping that someone at Crossland could suggest areas where we might want to look around in preparation for our future house hunting trip. You put us in contact with LaNell.

Not only did LaNell provide us with ideas, based on what we told her was important to us, but she took a day to drive us around and show us different houses. She showed us a variety of styles of houses, as well as different communities, and LISTENED to what we said. When we got back in the car my family would discuss, and I’d write down, things we liked and disliked about each house. I was surprised how frequently LaNell was able to add things which she had heard us mention, but we had forgotten. She paid attention to what WE found important, not what she thought we should like.

We had our house hunting trip in May, and were thrilled to find a wonderful home on the first morning. I know that our early success was due in large part to the fact that LaNell paid attention to what we wanted, and showed us homes that met those requirements. Not only did she walk us through the offer and counter offer process, but she made sure that the things that we wanted added to the offer were written in clear, concise language that made them unambiguous when determining if they had been completed when we went to closing. Additionally LaNell was able to schedule the home inspection before we had to leave Oklahoma, as well as working with us to create a punch list for the builder. She took meticulous notes that she was able to share with the builder to ensure that the problems would be corrected.

Matt and I returned to Oklahoma last week for the closing, and thanks to the fact that LaNell had gone over to the house earlier in the week, we weren’t blindsided by the fact that the builder had not completed the items we had specified in the contract. By the time we arrived she had already contacted the builder, and his realtor, to ensure that the items would be corrected, and that we would be able to close as scheduled. LaNell was not afraid to go head to head with the builder to make sure that things were done, and done in a timely manner. After a very stressful week, I was able to step back and leave things in her capable hands.

We closed on our house with most, but not everything, completed. LaNell could have walked away at that point. She had successfully seen us through our home finding and purchase, so she was under no obligation to do more. Instead, she agreed to act as our intermediary with the builder, and to go out next week, check that he has completed all of the required installations and repairs, and retrieve his copy of our house key. I know LaNell will not agree that things are complete unless they truly are completed. That is a tremendous relief.

The process of moving 2000 miles away from ‘home’ is daunting. The relocation services that Crossland, in particular LaNell, provided to us made it much less so. Thank You!


Karin Renaud”

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